Friday, May 27th, 2022

Admission Tips To Get Your Child Into The Top CBSE School

Getting admission into a school is equally challenging and competitive as getting into a university. Amidst a surge in competition, every parent looks for the best CBSE school for their child. A lot of effort and stress goes on into getting your child through a complex selection/entrance test for this entire process. 

Even more so, one has to be sure about the school before prepping for the same because not every educational institute claiming themselves excellent would be suitable for your child. Hence, filtering through hoards of choices is tricky, so closely aligning with a child’s interests and abilities is crucial. Several parents living in Ahemdabad find themselves in a dilemma when selecting a good international school for their children, especially in their growing years. 

So before you decide to choose the CBSE school admission for your child, you need to know specific tips to prepare yourself and your kid for a smooth admission process.

Find out the best schools 

From the list of 100s of schools, you need to focus on selecting a few that match your expectations and your child’s abilities. You can refer to your friends, family, or people in your close network to filter out the best schools. Check where they have enrolled their children and ask for their experiences before enrolling your child for an entrance test.

Start Prepping up Your Child

Now that you have enrolled for your child’s admission test or interview, it is time to quickly check out the syllabus or any guidelines on what the child should prepare for in the interview. Some schools have an exhaustive syllabus to prepare for, while others have set criteria to interview kids. Ask someone from the school authority or counselor or reach out to your network whose kids already study in that school. Prepare your child accordingly. 

Develop Confidence in your Kid

The first interview or admission process might be intimidating for your child. Prepare them to become more confident and clearly express their thoughts. It is essential to let them ask as many questions as they want to suffice their curiosity and show a more open side to their personality. They must become comfortable in the environment. 

Improve their Basic Knowledge

Before admitting a child into a school, most parents homeschool their children with the basics like recognizing the alphabet, colors, animals, etc. Most importantly, familiarize your child with family members and their names. Keep them equipped with basic understanding and knowledge. It would also include training them to greet people when they meet them for the first time. Remember, etiquettes are also part of how schools would evaluate a child during the admission process. 

Create a realistic scenario for your child

You often have heard how mimicking a real-life scenario makes a person more prepared for the challenge. That’s why mock trials are conducted. But here it is about role-playing the entire interview process with your child. Act as a teacher with a particular set of questions that one could probably ask and prepare your child to answer. Once done, similarly ask them as a teacher would. Hence, they would better grasp a situation and not get nervous. 

Ensure that your child feels comfortable when you choose a school for the interview process, and you make them let go of any hesitation. 


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