Saturday, January 22nd, 2022

Classic Rock Music of the 70s

In the 70’s everyone was addicted to music because it was for music and lovers. 70’s records are still the favorite of many and we like to listen to them at many events. That era music has a strong influence on our minds. Some of the popular 70’s rock music is

  • Southern Rock
  • Disco
  • Classic Rock
  • Punk rock

How can we forget the birth of legendary Heavy Metal and originally it was known as Hard Rock. No matter you are born in the young or old generation you will at least have one song in your library from 70; s classic rock. Right? Now and then we like to dance to gain some energy.  Classic Rock music can make anyone go crazy. 70’srock music has given us powerful albums.

Never forgetting 70’s albums and songs 

70’s music was also having many genres and disco was the most popular. We still like to dance to disco music. Disco genre became popular after the film Saturday night fever.” Its popular soundtrack became the trend and was. It also got its name in the list of most selling albums of all time. The VH1 channel gave it the 57th great rock album of all time. This album had great songs like

  • If I can’t have you
  • Night fever
  • Staying alive
  • Boogie shoes

With all these amazing songs this album made to the top is no surprise. We still get pumped up when we hear these songs. All these Rock Musicals have some magic in them.

Southern Rock music 

Southern rock was another most popular genre of Classic rock music. There was a whole colossal group of people who got mad over this genre. In the ’70s there were many popular bands like Molly Hatchet Allman’s brother and The Outlaws who gave us many beautiful kinds of music. Lynyrd Skynyrd has given us 4 platinum music albums. 3 out of 4 were double platinum.

Progressive music 

Psychedelic Rock is still popular and even the young generation loves it. It is another genre of rock music and is the popular 60s Rock Music. This is the genre that is the backbone of 70’s music. Bands like Rush, Utopia, ELO, and Kanas got to the heart of the listeners. We enjoy psychedelic music and it is the life of parties in Massachusetts.

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