Friday, May 27th, 2022

Lubes & Lotions

Like your car’s engine, most sexual activity is enhanced by lubrication. Lubes are the quick and dependable answer to any form of dryness that may make sex painful. From masturbation to anal sex, there are many great lubes available. Once you see how a lube improves sexual activity, you can then choose to explore other brands and formulations, from thinner viscosity to thicker, more gel-like types.

NOTE: only use water-based lubricants (смазка на водной основе без глицерина) with all condoms, vibrators, dildos and toys. Oil-based lubes will break down latex and other materials.

Another way to try out a personal lubricant is to take advantage of our items that include a free sample. Browse a little through our sex toys to find one.

Lotions bring your other senses into sex. Our selection of flavored or scented Lotions can help ‘set the mood’ for fantastic and memorable experiences. Many couples find the act of applying and rubbing lotions to be a great ice-breaker as the worries of the day are rubbed and massaged away.

Any expert will recommend what we do. Always use a good lubricant with your sex toys. There are hundreds of different f lubes on the market, use this basic guide and a reference when you buy your lubes.


gel lubricant


OIL BASED LUBES – Never use a lube that is petroleum based ( Vaseline included) on a sex toy or with a condom – it will actual corrode the latex. It will reduce the life of your toy or in the case of a condom it could cause a breech in its protection. Oil based lubes were the first kind of lubes on the market. Like everything else technology is getting better and so are your lubes. Basically the oil based lube is out and the water based lube is in. Why are there still oil based lubes on the market? Well people don’t like to change and they do have their place – It’s just not with your sex toy.

WATER BASED LUBES – The new generation of water based lubes are long lasting, feel great, wont stain clothes or sheets and washes off easily. recommends buying the small half ounce or one ounce bottles of the lubes that interest you, try them out until you find the one for you.

EDIBLES – There are many “great tasting” body lotions – potions etc. out there for you to try. These are really just for the fun of it and have their places in the bedroom. One reason for buying SexWhipped Creme instead of your Reddi Whip is because regular dairy whipped cream could cause an infection if it gets into the wrong places. Take advantage of the many yummy edible products for you to experiment with.

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