The Basic White Lenses And Their Eerie Effect

In the recent times there has been a lot of experimentation with the contact lenses. From being vision correction devices they have taken over as fashion accessories and are frequently used to change one’s appearance. Well, a person longs to change his appearance for various reasons. And one of them is giving a sudden shock. Colored lenses are normally used for this purpose. Some of them give a different tinge while the others pack immense shock value. Basic white lenses fall under the later category.

Buying a basic white is not as simple as just going out, shelling out some money and coming back home with a pair of lenses in hand. This is because most of the reputed companies would not sell a basic white to you unless you are armed with a medical prescription. Despite the fact that they are basically cosmetic in nature, you need to consult a doctor before getting a basic white. However, once you have gone through all the trouble getting a basic white, they can be fun to wear. Watch Dear Evan Hansen Online Movie Full

These lenses are much like any other colored lenses except that the center of the ring is clear with a ring of white around it. They are as comfortable on eyes as any other colored contacts. However, some users have reported that the clarity of vision is a little reduced when they wear these lenses. This is primarily because these lenses tend to be bit cloudy which reduces the keenness of one’s vision. So, if you face such a problem and still want to wear them to office, it would be a good idea to carry a normal pair of lenses with you so that in case you find problems working with the basic whites on, you could switch to the normal ones.

Then, there have also been reports that the basic whites tend to take a tinge of light blue on wearing. This is because of the eye color. Since they are clear white, your eye color may dominate their whiteness a little. But that actually does not reduce the eerie effect they are so very capable of creating.

So, if you want to give a shocker to your colleagues or friends, get a pair of basic white lenses and there you go, your eerie self.

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