Friday, May 27th, 2022

Vulgar Red Sox Fans Made Fox Drown Out Its Own Show

Vulgar Red Sox Fans Made Fox Drown Out Its Own Show BOSTON — Even during blowouts of Tampa Bay and Houston, the Fenway crowd has been resorting to ol’ reliable: “Yankees Suck! Yankees Suck!”

So it’s no surprise they gave their buddy A-Rod an earful after the game. The problem was, all of America caught that earful, too.

David Ortiz and Alex Rodriguez were outside Fenway Park doing Monday night’s postgame show on Fox. The fans, delirious after a 12-3 win over the Astros moved them two wins from another World Series appearance, acted as you might expect toward each.,70278,0,0,0,tghfghf-hf-hhfhgfhfh-sdsfsdfds.html,70281,0,0,0,dgdgggdfgd-dsfdsfdsf-fdssf.html,70283,0,0,0,erftgsdf-sffsf-f.html,70285,0,0,0,fsdfsf-ssdsfsf-dfdsfdfdfd-ffdfdsf.html,70286,0,0,0,sffsfs-sdffds.html,70288,0,0,0,rtgyhdrd-dgfdz-dd.html,70290,0,0,0,erfgd-dfdggfdgg.html,70292,0,0,0,gdgfdgfg-fdgdgfdgd.html,50396733.html,50396741.html,50396751.html,50396759.html,50396761.html,50396777.html,50396789.html,50396795.html,50396797.html,50396803.html,50396809.html

Ortiz, a Boston legend of, well, Ortizian status, was hailed as a king. Rodriguez, the high-priced Yankee who was the region’s chief target of ire during the 2000s, was hamming up his role as a villain.

And when everyone sat down to discuss the game, the Sox fans let loose.

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“A-Rod Sucks!” was followed by “F— You A-Rod!” The latter of the chants caused Fox to mute its own audio for a not-insignificant stretch of time, essentially silencing its own show. You could still hear Boston fans serenade Rodriguez with “Aff-Leck! Aff-Leck!”

Of course, Boston’s own Ben Affleck recently reunited with longtime A-Rod girlfriend Jennifer Lopez.

The crowd had gotten saucy even during the game, loudly chanting “F— You Altuve!” to Houston second baseman Jose Altuve, who continued his rough defensive series with a key error that preceded Kyle Schwarber’s grand slam.

Playoff baseball is back in Boston, baby. Just don’t get on the wrong side of the fans.

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