Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

Wedding services at home in Pakistan


At her wedding, every girl wants to look great. Because it will forever remain in her memory and wedding albums. The image of the bride is true magic and art. Therefore we introduce wedding makeup services at home  As a rule, professionals work on the image of the bride, and this is very accurate, as stylists, wedding makeup artists help the bride look perfect.

Brides choose not only beautiful things but also wedding dress accessories, as well as beautiful makeup and hairstyles. All this allows you to create a simply stunning look that emphasizes the beauty of nature and hides flaws. So hairstyles services at home and makeup services at home are necessary for the bride

Bridal makeup services at home:

The bride is the main character of the wedding, so she must do her best. It is better to use the services of a stylist who will help the girl create a unique image and choose beautiful wedding makeup A wide range of colors, styles, and costumes cost the most.

Because it is so important for brides to be 100% in appearance, they are looking for the best places and contractors to trust and entrust themselves to this person. By the way, we should not forget about the financial side of the matter, many brides use such services for a variety of reasons, including economics.

Trending Wedding makeup services at home :

Softness, simplicity, sensuality, and naturalness achieved using soft pastel-toned shadows, pale pink and beige luster, and bright pearlescent wine blush have become current trends in bridal makeup for 2017.

NUDE MAKEUP services at home:

The most popular wedding makeup among young brides is a nude style that emphasizes femininity and naturalness. The highlight, in this case, is radiant, even skin.

Despite the seeming simplicity, the naturalness of makeup is painstakingly achieved for a long time, as makeup artists mask all the irregularities and rashes on the skin as much as possible without making them visually heavier.

Skin tone plays a decisive role, and a bright pink blush and a golden-silver tint around the eyes add shine.

If the image ends with pink glitter or matte lipstick flesh color.


The languid smokey eyes moved from the evening reception to the wedding. At the same time, at the wedding, this makeup will subtly and clearly emphasize the eyes of the bride, making the image glamorous and glamorous.

A smooth transition from dark to contrasting light can add expressiveness and expressiveness without unnecessarily straining the eyes.

As a light base, it is recommended to choose beige, brown, and peach from the pastel palette according to your skin tone, and emphasize the eyelid line with black, dark brown, and purple.


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